About Us


The MidSouth eHealth Alliance (MSeHA) was established in 2004, the result of grants from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and the State of Tennessee to establish a Health Information Exchange (HIE) in the Memphis, Tenn. area. Grants totaling $12.5 million were awarded to demonstrate: 1) data sharing 2) interoperability 3) documentation of lessons learned and 4) evaluation of the MSeHA on patient care and treatment.

What we do

The MSeHA is currently sharing medical information between hospital emergency departments and ambulatory clinics to provide better treatment and diagnostic services for patients. The Alliance is focused on:
  • Improving patient care
  • Decreasing emergency departments for primary care
  • Reducing hospital stays
  • Reducing redundant tests
  • Controlling costs
The MSeHA currently exchanges data among 16 hospitals, 16 ambulatory clinics in the region. Examples of data being exchanged are:
  • Patient information
  • Demographics
  • ICD-9 discharge codes
  • Lab results
  • Encounter data
  • Dictated reports


Emergency department physicians, hospitalists and ambulatory clinicians are currently sharing patient information via the MSeHA. The success of the MSeHA is the result of:
  • Support of AHRQ and the State of Tennessee
  • Cooperation among the MidSouth region's heal care providers
  • The leadership of the MSeHA executive board, and
  • The technology of Vanderbilt University
Support is provided to the MidSouth eHealth Alliance by Informatics Corporation of America