Our frequently asked questions

What is the MidSouth eHealth Alliance?

Certain health care providers in the Memphis area share health information through the MidSouth eHealth Alliance (MSeHA). MSeHA is a community-wide information system that helps health care providers to coordinate care and treat patients. Providers are doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, hospitals, and clinics.

Which organizations in the MidSouth eHealth Alliance share information?

  • Baptist Memorial Hospital – Collierville

  • Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women

  • Baptist Memorial Hospital - DeSoto

  • Baptist Memorial Hospital – Memphis

  • Baptist Memorial Hospital – Tipton

  • Christ Community Health Services

  • Memphis Children’s Clinic

  • Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare including Le Bonheur Children’s Medical Center

  • Saint Francis Hospital – Memphis

  • Saint Francis Hospital - Bartlett

  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

  • Regional One Medical Center at Memphis

  • Regional One Primary Care

Why is health information shared?

Health care providers can make better choices about a patient’s care and treatment when they have as much information as possible about that patient’s health from lab tests, medical history, medicines, and other reports. The Alliance permits providers to review medical information in a system that is faster than contacting a patient’s other providers one by one. The Alliance shares information about a patient’s medical condition with health care providers involved in that patient’s care or for coordination of care.

Is shared health information kept private and confidential?

Yes, your information will be kept private. MSeHA and each of its member organizations and providers must obey all applicable federal and state laws about privacy of medical information.

What are your rights?

As a patient, you have the right to not share your health information in MSeHA. This is called “Opting Out.” However, if you choose to opt out, health care providers may not have access to health information that may be important and useful in making choices about your medical care.

If you have questions regarding your privacy rights, please refer to the Notice of Privacy Practices provided to you by your health care provider. If you need another copy of that Notice, please ask your provider to give you one. This Fact Sheet is intended for educational purposes only. Operations of the Alliance and the content of this Fact Sheet may be changed by the Alliance from time to time without notice.

Who do I contact for more information?

Every organization in the Alliance has a person who is responsible for privacy. When you have a question, ask for the Privacy Officer. He or she will be able to answer your questions or find someone who can help you.